Lawn Care New Castle IN

When it comes to lawn care in New Castle, Indiana no one knows the needs of home and business owners better than Pro Green. We take care of all the typical needs of lawn service in this area. Our five round program provides a better program than other lawn care companies. The first round is planned for the spring and its crabgrass prevention time. Pro Green's program not only prevents crabgrass from emerging through lawns, but it also provides a good bit of fertilizer to help get the lawn out of the ground after a long winter. This application generally takes place anywhere from the end of February to the first week of May. This first round is the base of a good lawn care program. The second round puts a little bit more fertilizer down, but Pro Green is really hammering away at the broadleafs like dandelions and clover at the time, along with all of the other different weeds that are coming up. This is where we differentiate ourselves from other lawn care companies. We rely heavily on a liquid spray program to accomplish this, because it contacts all of the weeds much better than does granular weed killing agents. Along with this aspect of the program, we fertilize to keep the upcoming lawn green and healthy. In mid-summer it's time for the third round of the program. This is generally put down in July going into August and concentrates again on the weeds. Touch up is necessary as summer weeds are just coming up during this time. Additional fertilizer is added once again to keep the summer lawn fed. In September to mid-October the fourth round is put into place. This places a heavy load of fertilizer in the lawn and extra broadleaf weed control is applied. This is one of the most important parts of the program because the grass is taking in a lot of nutrients and is trying to rebuild after a long hot and stressful summer. The weeds are also trying to take the nutrients away from the grass, so Pro Green takes them out with a spray that is even more successful than the spring application. Finally at the end of the growing season, the fifth round of the program takes place. It consists of a quick release nitrogen and winterization program that is planned for November through December. This process gives the grass a solid ending health and gets it ready for the next spring's growing season. Among our employees, half a dozen serve the needs of lawn care in New Castle, Indiana. Additional services can be provided by this team. This includes an aeration and overseeding plan for lawns that are really struggling along to grow and maintain health. New seeds are incorporated into the lawn, which is important because a lot of the old varieties of grass have done their job and they need to be refreshed by this point. Pro Green also offers flea and tick control and bag worm treatments, tree fertilization and insect control for trees, shrubs and bushes. Full service irrigation can be added too. When calling the office for your lawn service plan, if we can't bid the project over the phone, rest assured that someone from the office will be contacting you within 24 hours with different web measurement tools to ensure accuracy. We'll get the bid directly to you along with the program details through your preferred delivery communication method: email, regular mail, or simply a verbal quote over the phone.