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When you think of lawn care near Greenfield, Indiana think of Pro Green. We're experts in the lawn care business so we do everything from lawn service such as lawn spraying, fertilization, irrigation and lawn maintenance to services like landscaping, hardscaping, snow plowing and ice melt. Pro Green can provide any sort of outdoor property maintenance that is necessary for your residence or company. Absolutely anything that needs to be accomplished outside Pro Green can do. Unlike most different lawn care companies we've been established in the area for a lengthy period, providing lawn care near Greenfield, Indiana since 1977. Pro Green has a reputation as the premier lawn service company for high end quality ever since. We're a local company you can trust with your home or business. In fact, we've been receiving awards from the local area for years and years. The last several years Readers' Choice Awards for lawn care near Greenfield, Indiana have been won by Pro Green and we're proud of that recognition. Some of our technicians have been working with Pro Green for nearly forty years now since the company was founded, like our main service manager. You'll see a lot of the same faces when we come to work for you and that has built trust and a solid reputation for our company in the area. That is exactly what makes Pro Green unique among lawn care companies. Taken as a whole, our workers have over 220 years of combined experience within the industry. That and a steady commitment to quality sets us apart from the competition. And that's not all. Each and every one of our lawn sprayers are licensed with the office of the Indiana State chemist. Pro Green is also fully insured. Pro Green provides a tremendous array of services for residential and commercial environments. These include lawn maintenance and care like lawn spraying, fertilizing and turf control, mowing, mulching and irrigation. When it comes to making your yard beautiful we offer tree and shrub treatments, landscape design and installation and landscape maintenance. We are also experts in hardscapes, being certified by Redi-Rock for retaining walls and patios. When winter arrives we can help with your snow and ice control, keeping your yard both safe and beautiful. Pro Green can handle absolutely anything from residential driveways to huge industrial lots. One thing we're particularly proud to note is our use of lawn spraying for broadleaf and weed control. Instead of using a granular product like many other lawn care companies we concentrate on spraying. This gives much better contact with the weeds, killing them thoroughly and quickly. Then, we're ready to use a granular slow-release fertilizer after the completion of broadleaf and weed control, which releases over a longer period of time, keeping your lawn looking lush and healthy. These are just some examples of how we can help you in your plans for a beautiful, well cared for yard. Let us show you why we are your trusted name in lawn care. Remember, there's green, and then there's Pro Green.