Landscaping New Castle IN

Pro Green doesn't just do lawn service. Unlike many other lawn care companies in the area, we go far beyond just taking care of your lawn. We can work on everything in and around it as well. Our company takes care of absolutely everything for your yard from rejuvenating landscaping, to full design and installation. It doesn't matter if you have just a bit or no landscaping at this moment, or a large project you'd like to see altered, just get in touch with the experts at Pro Green. If you have a certain plan or design in mind, we can gladly work with you to make that dream a reality. If you're stuck for ideas, though or have a particularly difficult yard to accommodate large scale developments, Pro Green is ready to assist you with the highest quality professional service. We have a specially trained team of landscape architects that can draw out the plans for you after consulting with you and your ideas. Another special service we are proud to offer that is unique among lawn care in New Castle, Indiana is our implementation of the latest industry technology. In addition to our custom design architects, we also use computer programs and software that allow us to create before and after pictures of your anticipated plan. This can give you a virtual tour of what your landscaping will look like when the project is completed. This kind of personalized service sets us apart from the other lawn care companies. We do absolutely everything in landscape services. When it comes to overall lawn care in New Castle, Indiana, we've got you and your yard well covered. It starts with our premier lawn service from standard mulching and trimming to more complex landscaping programs. This includes complete tear outs of existing plans and features, to professional design and custom installation. Pro Green will maintain your yard throughout the year to keep it looking its best. We also do hardscape, a service that is growing in popularity. This ranges from retaining walls, patio work, water features, to outdoor lighting and we are licensed and certified to provide all those services. We have ten specially trained employees accomplish this to your exact specifications. Don't hesitate to contact us with all of your questions regarding your specific setup and ambitions. Let us show you why so many customers have chosen Pro Green for their landscaping and hardscaping needs. It's not about price, it's about value, professionalism and service. Let us come out and custom design what you want for your yard's particular needs. What we've learned in our decades of experience in the green industry is that no two people are alike and no two homes in New Castle are ever the same. We work hard to match the home landscaping plan with people's specific needs and the personality and personal tastes of the customer to make sure the landscaping looks just like what they envisioned. We always want to go out and meet with the customers first before beginning any planning. This will allow you to have a beautiful, custom design rather than one that relies upon one size fits all templates, cookie cutter approach.