Commercial Property Maintenance New Castle IN

Pro Green is not just top rated when it comes to lawn care in Newcastle, Indiana. As we have learned the most pressing requirements of all residential customers, with their unique challenges, we have long anticipated the needs of the area's commercial enterprises, too. When it comes to commercial property maintenance and lawn service, we've been doing this in Newcastle for about 38 years and we can provide all of these services, for a reasonable cost to cover absolutely everything outdoors a company would need all year round. In the spring, summer and fall your business can expect the highest quality lawn service. If it is lawn care in Newcastle, Indiana that your business needs, you'll find everything under one roof with Pro Green. Pro Green is proud to be a company that can take care of all services that allows us such a great customer base among lawn care companies. This is the type of service which our residential clients have grown to expect and enjoy. Our lawn care package is extensive. We offer spring cleanups to recover from the late fall and winter seasons. We'll help with mulching, mowing, spraying and irrigation. When necessary we are ready to provide snow removal and ice control to your property. Perhaps the best perk to your business is that our business is all done in house within Pro Green's expert control and guidance. There will never be subcontractors or outside sourcing necessary. You'll see the same local faces that have come to symbolize Pro Green's commitment to the Newcastle area. When you have a question or concern you can be sure that it will be us that is ready to assist you directly and expediently. Pro Green can take care of absolutely everything itself. Another service most businesses appreciate is that we'll even customize your company's billing to fit your needs. Various options chosen by some companies include an eight month contract; some want to pay year round to spread out the finances making for easy accounting. Others choose to even pay ala carte for each service as they go, providing the very most financial flexibility that can be offered. We'll make sure to work with your business any way we can to fit your budget and particular needs. Why would your business want to hire Pro Green instead of going to a lawn care company down the road? The number one answer our clients provide is that certainly price is important, but when it comes down to it, quality and value is what they are really looking for. They want their business to look the very best to their potential clients. They also want to stand apart out from their competition. They desire their grounds to outshine others in their industry niche in Newcastle. We help our commercial customers find that special curb appeal that makes their business and facilities look professional and inviting. Our commercial clients want the best look at the best value for their money, and that's what the team here at Pro Green offers.